True Custom Commands Attention

Bespoke. Custom. One-of-a-kind. These words are often thrown around, but they have true gravitas here at Sherle Wagner International. When a client desires a stunning, singular design, an object that no one else in the world has, our skilled team of artisans and engineers are on hand, right here in the United States, to make that happen.

Each piece, regardless of collection or category, is made-to-order, especially for you. Every stone is hand-cut. Every object is hand-polished. And with 22 finishes and 14 natural stones to choose from you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Looking to further customize your program? Are there preexisting elements in your scheme that you wish to coordinate? Perhaps you are working on a historic restoration project? Or have been tasked with refinishing a beloved antique piece? Using age-old techniques and unparalleled passion we carefully execute every order — whether it is for a single pull or an entire hardware program.

In addition to the custom creation of new pieces, we are also well-versed in the challenges of reviving classic bath hardware and fixtures through the processes of historic restoration and reproduction. Items new and old can be dipped in the very same finishes that we offer for our own newly minted products, resulting in a program that is completely customized and bound to impress.

As a vertically integrated company our capabilities are limitless. We create true custom pieces every day and we take pride in having the level of skill and the unique knowledge necessary to do so. Interested in creating a one-off custom design? It can be done. Let us tell you why we should be the ones to do it. For more on our custom program, contact us at (212) 758-3300 or